How To Order?

STEP 1: Take pictures of your bestie (any pets or animals)!

STEP 2: Select the variant you want if applicable
STEP 3: Click the "Upload Image" button;
STEP 4: Select the photos you would like to use (JPG or PNG), and click Upload; Please refer to the upload requirements on each products when you upload images. For example, some products require photos of 4 angles. 

It's not recommended to upload photos of very low resolution, dim lighting, overexposure or similar background colour; Please upload Hi-Res photos to get better products! See Photo Guide below.
  • Lighting

    Make sure each photo is taken in good lighting. Dim lighting, overexposure or similar background colour may affect the outcome of your items.

  • High Resolution

    Make sure the photo is not blurry. We recommend the resolution of the photo is at least 100dpi with a larger pixel dimension, for example, at least 1000 x 1000 px.

  • Posture

    Ideally, your pet is in a nice posture and has a cute facial expression. Try to get a close up picture so we can see your pet's unique features.

  • One Pet Per Photo

    Take a photo of your pet without any other animals in the shot unless the item is Custom Paint by Numbers Pet Portrait Kit or Custom Pet Portrait Wall Art (Digital).

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STEP 5: Place your orders;

STEP 6: Generally, your item will be created within 15 business days, but the production time varies from product to product. Please refer to the How to Order Section on each product page.

STEP 7: We'll email you an image preview of your item before shipping and you can request adjustments for Free!

Having trouble uploading your photo/custom text? No problem! you are welcome to contact us by email at Please send us your order number, name, and photos together.

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