Our Story

At Petomise, we love unique tailored gifts to commemorate and celebrate your furry little friends!

At the first beginning, we adopted an adorable kitten and we named her Cookie. Then Milky joined us as a new family member. As they grew, we wanted to celebrate and remember every special moment of them. We took so many pictures of Cookie’s and Milky's cute moments, and we were looking for a way to turn these pictures into beautiful keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years. We reached out to artists who handcraft wool felt products and received two wool felt key rings that were so endearing and unique, just like Cookie and Milky. Even when they are not by our sides sometimes, these cute keyrings help us reduce stress and keep calm by reminding us that our cats are waiting for us to come home, as always. Cookie and Milky have been our best mates and family, meanwhile, they are also our teachers showing us how to love and be loved. 

We soon realised that pet lovers like us might also need something personalised for their pets too! In 2019, we started Petomise aiming to provide pet lovers with a wide range of customisable pet gift items from doormats, floor rugs, paintings, photo frames, to accessories. Each product is made with care, love and attention to detail by our professional artists.

Chief Cat Officer

Meow, I'm Cookie, the Chief Cat Officer at Petomise🐱 My parents bought me lots of customised gifts and I simply love them!

I'm sure your fur baby will too! Meow ~

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Chief Meow Officer

Meow, I'm Milky, the Chief Meow Officer at Petomise 🐱 I like playing with my sis Cookie and I love eating food!

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Our products are not only the perfect gifts for the pet owners to celebrate their fur babies, but also the best memorial pet gifts for those who have lost their furry companion. We believe death only ends a life, but not a relationship. Your beloved pets will always be your side, even after they are gone.

No matter you want to spoil your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister or Friends, Petomise will WOW them. Commemorate and celebrate your fur baby with Petomise and we can’t wait the share the love.

Together, we make lives better by sharing a closer bond with your animal family members❤.